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After over 4 decades of collective experience in Freight forwarding, 
a team of experts set out to safeguard the likes of the Small to Medium Enterprise forwarding businesses and to enable them to compete with the various disruptors in the industry. 


To be THE no1 provider of tools to the Freight Forwarding industry and supply them with front facing as well as back end technology to increase efficiency, automation and digital end-to-end capabilities!


To safeguard and ensure the survival of the global SME market of forwarders against disruptors in the industry like the top 20 global forwarders with there 'in-house' strategy, the "digital Freight Forwarders" and 'global marketplaces'. 

Together and with our Freightools we will ensure business continuity and growth potential for our SME customers!

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Frequently asked Questions

Who is behind Freightools and what do you do?

Freightools, was built after decades of Freight forwarding knowledge and industry experience. Built by FAST Applications for the freight industry, starting with the Freight Forwarder at heart (and mind). We understand the concerns of the SME forwarder and want to help them compete with the industry giants, digital forwarders and marketplaces to safeguard their business!

How are you different to Flexport and Freighthub, or any other Freight Forwarder?

Freightools is offering our technology as white-labeled tools to any Freight forwarder that wants to go digital. We are not a freight forwarder, or a digital forwarder (like Flexport or Freightub) nor are we a marketplace. 

I already have a website, what does Freightools add?

Freightools can enhance your existing site with real time Door to door quotes (all modes) via your own branded portal, you can also enable track and trace and supply chain visibility. You can create a new digital brand, customer portal with full booking, TMS, T&T, invoices and much more! Not only will you increase your booking and expand your footprint, you will also see a return of investment within a few months!

Internally as Freight forwarders we see 'buying rates', what will our customers see via the portal? 

Internally your sales/operations team can have access to your 'buying' tariffs, whilst you add either a manual or automatic margin for different customers, lanes or carriers, you decide!

We have back office software.

That's great! You can integrate any element of Freightools into your back office. Use our tools for front office, back office or both!

Do you offer support?

Yes we pride ourselves on the service that we offer, online support 24/7, via web and email, or phone.

How much does it cost?

As part of our SaaS model we offer 3 tiers of pricing. You can start with basic and upgrade at any time to pro and network. You will be charges for "monthly active admin users" that are calculated as the total number of admin users (your company Active employees) who interact with the Freightools in any given month. You won’t be charged for inactive users and for non admin users that may log in to your company portals. See our pricing page for more details.

Can we use Freightools to manage all modes of transport?

Yes, Air, LCL, FCL, rail, road are all available in the system, import, export, cross and domestic!

How does the track and trace work?

Freightools aggregates 4 layers of technology so that your team, your customers and your entire supply chain has clear visibility as to where the shipment is at any given moment!

Can I have one language for me and another for my overseas offices?

Yes, Freightools offers multiple language settings for your office, your overseas branches, your suppliers or customers ensuring clarity across the entire business from start to finish!

I often use multi-currency for my FRQ's- does Freightools offer that?

Yes, we offer multi-currency that you can control the exchange rate manually or use our automated online exchange rate!

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